Top 5 Tips For Energy Savings For Your Home

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We tend to use a lot of energy in our homes, and that can rack of a costly bill with our energy company. A lot of homeowners consider reducing their energy consumption or getting solar panels, which are great options, but there’s also more they can do right now which don’t cost them any money. Check out some of these tips for reducing energy consumption and saving on your energy bill.


  1. Air Leaks – One of the biggest offenders is air leaks. Generally, there are some small cracks in doors or windows that let air leak out, which keeps your a/c or heater constantly running because of the additional influence on temperature as it moves out. Simply caulking some of these leaks or getting fillers for spaces in between or under doors can make a remarkable difference in how long it takes to cool/heat, how long it lasts, and how much money it saves.
  2. Restricting Air Flow – Some rooms in homes are not used as often, and one of the easiest things to do would be to simply close the doors to that room and close the air vent until it’s being used. By reducing the air flow to it, you can push that to the rooms that are being used, and closing the door restricts how much the temperature in those rooms influence the thermostat’s reading.
  3. Energy Efficient Bulbs – While there are some really cool light bulbs out there, getting high energy efficient bulbs will definitely help if they are lights that are heavily used throughout the month. LED lights are also becoming increasingly popular for ancillary usage since they are very efficient with energy.
  4. Turn Off Appliances At Night – In the digital age, we tend to leave our computers on over night, which constantly sucks up energy while we’re not using it even when it’s idle. The same is also true for charging mobile devices. While a device is plugged into an outlet, it’s still drawing juice from the grid even if it’s already at 100%. Turning off our computers or other energy-hungry appliances can reduce energy consumption over night, which will add up.
  5. Referral Programs – One of the lesser known methods is referral programs with your energy company. In states where electricity is decentralized, residents have the option to choose what energy company that go with and sign a contract. By using a referral code, you generally will receive a credit to your first bill. Then as you refer more people from your referral code, you can receive additional credits that reduce your bill throughout the year. In Texas, for example, there is the reliant energy company that provides a similar referral program to what we’ve described here. Additionally, check to see that your contract for your energy bill hasn’t run out. What ends up happening is your cost goes from 7 cents per kW to 10.5, raising your bill, for example, from $70 to $130 easily.


While there are many more tips that you can find for conserving energy and saving money on your bill, we find that these are the top 5 that are easy to do and give the most benefit. If you immediately do these things, you can see a significant reduction in your bill as early as next month.

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